About Our Hospital

We are a full service hospital equipped for all of your pet care needs.  From routine wellness visits to senior wellness care including a fully equipped surgical suite and dental equitment.  Our veterinarians take your pets care with utmost importance.  We understand that emergencies can happen and are willing and able to help your pet in an emergency situation.

Our doctors are committed to your pet’s wellness and this will be evident from your first visit. Protecting your pet at Lebanon Road Animal Hospital means no cost distemper/parvo and rabies vaccinations for dogs and rabies prevention for cats.

Emergency Care

To reassure our owners and treasured patients, our veterinary clinic has partnered with Nashville Veterinary Specialists (NVS) to provide emergency care when our facility is closed.

Our focus is to help your pet live a long and comfortable life by offering additional advanced medical services.  These services include arthritis pain management with laser therapy, visual audiology, chronic disease management, digital radiology, and state of the art in-house diagnostics.

Payment Policies

Our animal clinic in also focuses on affordability as well as quality care. Whether your pet needs primary care, such as spay and neuter procedures, or more advanced medical services, such as dental care, we try to accommodate our owners financially. Payment is due at the time the services are rendered. Ask about your payment options. Our veterinary clinic provides estimates for treatment, including surgery or hospitalization, to help our pet owners plan for their pet’s care.