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Let Our Pet Dermatology Services Soothe Your Pet’s Skin

If you’ve seen dry, flaky, red skin on your pet, you may wonder how to deal with this problem.  As bothersome as these outward signs are, they’re good indicators your cat or dog could benefit from our pet dermatology services. Many of the skin irritations pets experience stem from environmental or food allergies. Moreover, untreated allergies are likely to turn into even more bothersome skin infections. At Lebanon Road Animal Hospital, we work to help our clients in Hermitage and surrounding areas better manage and treat their pet’s skin irritations.

Dog sitting on a couch: Pet Dermatology in Hermitage

Managing Your Pet’s Allergies

Just like us, pets experience allergies from a variety of sources. But instead of watery eyes, they often exhibit symptoms through their skin. Pet allergies and skin irritations can come from allergies to dust, pollen, mold, trees, and grass. Furthermore, many pets are allergic to flea bites even more than environmental irritants. Just one bite from these pesky critters can cause an exorbitant amount of dander and dry, irritated skin. Finally, foods or the ingredients they contain may be causing your pet's allergies.

Since allergies stem from multiple sources, our dermatology services may include:

  • Hypoallergenic diets are recommended if we suspect food allergies.
  • Anti-histamines are used to combat environmental allergies.
  • A variety of flea medications are available to combat fleas.
  • Prescription medications are used to effectively control chronic skin conditions.

Types of Skin Infections

If your pet is experiencing skin allergies, it can only be a matter of time before inflamed skin turns into an infection. Other than skin allergies, irritations are commonly exasperated by parasites. Ear infections are one of the most frequent skin infections seen in pets. When itchy ear mites invade your pet’s ear canal, they often cause secondary bacterial infections. Who could blame your cat or dog from pawing and scratching at their ears when this happens?! Additionally, your pet’s skin can be infected by yeast, which is also itchy and irritating. Since skin infections require prescription medication, schedule an appointment with us immediately if you think your pet has one. We look forward to taking care of you and your four-legged friend!

Cat and dog sitting on bed: Pet Dermatology in Hermitage
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