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Cat sitting in person's lap: Pet Diagnostics in Hermitage

Advanced Diagnostics: Looking Internally to Find Answers

Sometimes, a physical exam creates more questions than answers. If your pet has an underlying medical issue, we may need to run additional testing to give you a 100% accurate diagnosis. Pet diagnostics aid us in running needed tests to check for disease, illness, chronic conditions, and infections. Most of all, our full-service hospital is committed to taking care of pets in Hermitage and surrounding areas. By analyzing digital X-rays and an in-house laboratory, we’re able to treat them sooner and more accurately.

Less Radiation and Faster Results with Digital X-rays

While X-rays (radiography) are best known for diagnosing broken bones, they perform more like a jack-of-all-trades. Even diseases can be diagnosed because we look at the size, shape, and location of internal organs. Besides their versatility, digital X-rays expose pets to such small amounts of radiation that they’re even safe for pregnant ones. Furthermore, digital gives us a nearly instant look into your pet’s internal body.

Conditions Digital X-rays help us diagnose:

  • The presence of liver, kidney, or heart disease is indicated.
  • A bowel or urinary obstruction is indicated.
  • Any bladder or kidney stones are apparent.
  • Lungs can be evaluated for signs of infection, tumors, or allergies.
  • Arthritis and its signs of inflammation are shown.
  • Certain tumors are indicated and apparent.
Dog walking inside: Pet Diagnostics in Hermitage

In-House Laboratory to Treat Your Pet Sooner

If digital X-rays perform like a jack-of-all-trades, our in-house laboratory is like a diagnostic extraordinaire. From testing for common parasitic infections to diagnosing chronic underlying conditions, our laboratory is our go-to diagnostic tool. Just like digital X-rays, it similarly provides fast answers for worried pet owners. So, when your four-legged friend must undergo surgery, we’re able to check their blood counts for any contraindications. Even more, if your pet has a skin infection, we can quickly determine whether its bacterial or fungal to properly treat it. When you need fast answers, use our pet diagnostics! We do our very best to provide pets and their people with the service they deserve.

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