Pet Laser Therapy in Hermitage, TN

Pet Laser Therapy in Hermitage for Fast Relief

Does your pet have trouble moving around, or chronic skin problems? Pet laser therapy could be the relief they need. Working to provide fast relief, penetrating wavelengths of light reach past your pet’s skin and fur to stimulate healing on the cellular level. For the reason that laser therapy reduces inflammation, it was initially used as a sports injury treatment in humans. Even more, laser therapy is a fantastic post-surgical treatment that sparks the healing process in your pet’s body. Lebanon Road Animal Hospital is pleased to offer this cutting-edge treatment to Hermitage and surrounding communities.

Conditions Laser Therapy Helps Treat

Since pet laser therapy stimulates healing on the cellular level, the conditions it can help treat are virtually endless. Furthermore, any area of your pet’s body can be targeted with laser therapy. From osteoarthritis and bone fractures to muscle sprains, laser therapy has been shown to be an effective drug-free alternative to help manage painful conditions. Similarly, laser therapy reduces pain and inflammation from post-surgical incisions. If your pet has an upcoming surgery, ask us about treating them with laser therapy afterwards. Does your pet suffer from chronic skin conditions like atopic dermatitis? Laser therapy helps with that too. Ask us more about how we can give your pet fast, soothing relief.

What to Expect from Pet Laser Therapy Sessions

Firstly, if you’re bringing your dog or cat in regularly for therapy sessions, expect them to start looking forward to it. The warm beam of light is completely noninvasive and even releases feel-good endorphins. The frequency and length of sessions depend on the condition being treated, and the thickness of your pet’s skin and fur. Though therapy sessions are customized, they're pretty short in length. If your pet is being treated for post-operative recovery, they may only require one session. Expect one session to last anywhere from three to 20 minutes long. If your pet is being treated for a chronic condition, they will likely see us one to three days per week. Ask us for more information today! As always, we look forward to caring for your four-legged friend.

Cat sleeping on a her owner's lap