Nurture Longer Lives with Regular Pet Wellness Exams in Hermitage

When you bring your cat or dog in for regular wellness exams, you help them live longer and healthier. Pet exams performed yearly nurture growth and provide quality healthcare through every life stage. Since wellness care helps prevent larger medical issues, it also helps prevent more costly treatments. Some ways we provide pets in Hermitage and surrounding areas with wellness care:

  • We offer six-month protection from heartworm disease with one simple injection.
  • Nutritional counseling and prescription diets keep your pet active through youth and senior years.
  • Digital X-rays, laboratory testing, and ultrasonography are at our disposal to uncover underlying issues.
Wellness Exams for Pets in Hermitage, TN
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Core Vaccines Included in Every Pet Wellness Exam

In addition to a nose-to-tail physical and checks on your pet’s vitals, we include core vaccines in every wellness care visit. Vaccinations protect your pet against many dangerous animal diseases. Rabies is even required by law. Additionally, the use of responsible pet vaccinations has greatly reduced the incidence of these diseases. Core vaccines included in wellness exams:

  • Rabies is administered to both cats and dogs.
  • We administer distemper/parvo combo to dogs, including protection against leptospirosis.
  • The feline distemper combo is administered to cats.

Puppy and Kitten Care

Since their bodies are still developing, puppies and kittens can be the most susceptible to viruses and bacteria. This makes it that much more important to bring a new pet in for a wellness exam during their first few months of life. We’ll keep your pet’s health on the right track with a complete exam, needed vaccinations, and testing. Some things to note about your puppy’s or kitten’s wellness visit:

  • Bring a fresh stool sample to their first visit, so we can test for any intestinal parasites.
  • Worms are common in both kittens and puppies, and we’ll prescribe medication to eliminate these parasites.
  • Once your puppy or kitten receives their first round of vaccines, we’ll schedule a booster series to further strengthen their immunities.

Please contact us for more information about wellness care for your puppy or kitten, or adult pet. We’re here to help you provide quality veterinary care for your animal companion.

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