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Lebanon Road Animal Hospital

Senior Pet Care

Keeping Them Healthy Through their Golden Years

Senior pets, ones over the age of seven, require a little more attention to keep them tip-top. First of all, pets in general age faster than us. Furthermore,  senior pets may develop conditions faster than their youthful counterparts. Biannual senior pet care exams help alert us to developing medical conditions. If you have a senior pet, we want to help you keep them healthy at our animal hospital in Hermitage. By performing physical exams, and laboratory and diagnostic testing, we help pets stay active even through their golden years.

Dog sitting on grass: Senior Pet Care in Hermitage

Providing Complete Physical Exams and Testing

As your pet enters their golden years, additional laboratory testing is often necessary along with biannual exams. The chances your senior pet develops medical conditions are greater than ever. Common conditions include cancer, arthritis, and organ disease. When you visit us for senior pet care, we look them over from nose-to-tail and check their weight, temperature, and heart rate. We also have the chance to run full blood panels to evaluate how their kidneys, liver, heart, and thyroid levels are functioning. As a result, we’re alerted to any underlying issues before they become a bigger issue.

Common Problem Signs to Look Out for

As helpful as regular exams are at catching health concerns, YOU are your pet's primary caretaker. On a daily basis, you may be alerted to subtle changes in their behavior or mannerisms. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what is or isn’t normal behavior. In this instance, simply note the change and tell us about it. Things to look out for at home and how we can help:

  • Laser therapy is an excellent drug-free pain management alternative for arthritis. Signs of arthritis include trouble jumping, walking upstairs, and moving around.
  • If you notice your pet has gained weight, visit us for dietary or lifestyle recommendations. Pet obesity can contribute to a number of common medical issues.
  • If your pet has suddenly lost weight, they may have an over-active thyroid, diabetes, or kidney disease. Please contact us so we can run tests.

We care deeply for pets at Lebanon Road Animal Hospital. Fortunately, pets are living longer than ever due to advanced veterinary treatment. Let us help you keep your senior pet healthy throughout their golden years.

Cat sitting outside: Senior Pet Care in Hermitage
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